Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission
Our Mission is empowering survivors of violence and/or trauma by creating a space in which the vulnerable can speak, allowing healing, wellness, and hope.
Although there is much research on the impact child maltreatment and family trauma has on the larger society, current responses to these issues do not seem to connect with this research. Very little funds and services are available for the residual outcome of maltreatment and trauma to society and therefore gaps lend to victims falling through cracks. The funding and services that are available is often funneled toward crisis reaction, rather than prevention, holistic family services and the crucial follow-up services needed.
Voices Empowered recognizes the problems within the system and proposes to examine the gaps in the social service system, fill those gaps and collaborate with other advocates to foremost prevent future abuse and trauma, and to finally support and empower children and families as they recover from abuse and trauma that has been experienced. Voices Empowered will advocate for and empower children and families, investigate allegations involving abuse and other family issues, and educate families for prevention of abuse and trauma. Furthermore, Voices Empowered will collaborate with the social service community to promote a cohesive and powerful continuum of care.

Our Philosophy
We believe advocacy is not only being a voice for another, it is creating a space for a voice to be heard.
We believe in keeping the best interest of the child in mind & we believe in empowering children & families to advocate for themselves.
We are not focused on blaming caregivers & systems for inadequacies, but instead we are focused on providing prevention solutions.
We believe child maltreatment is a public health issue that affects the entire community, and therefore demands a community response.
We believe it is important for the community provide support to children & families & to engage in prevention & policy change efforts.
We believe families who are supported are more likely to provide a safe & nurturing environment, which every child deserves.
We believe it is important for professionals to develop & implement collaborative solutions & policy changes to enhance health, safety & the well-being of children.