Advocacy Services

Voices Empowered, LLC provides advocacy services to survivors, non-offending family members and witnesses of violence. Advocacy is also provided to those who may be going through traumatic family issues. Voices Empowered, LLC does not provide legal representation or legal advice.
Advocacy Services include:

* Evaluating immediate safety, health and/or well-being by assessing immediate medical and physical safety needs, referring to medical or legal entities, and developing a safety plan, etc.
* Ensuring initial suspected child abuse reports and appropriate follow-up reports are timely submitted to the appropriate entities.
* Assisting others in child abuse recognition and reporting.
* Receiving and acting upon reports of suspected child maltreatment and domestic violence.
* Assisting in the assessment of suspected cases of child abuse, child neglect or domestic violence, when appropriate.
* Providing support, accompaniment, and watch to all court processes, forensic interviews, medical exams, and other appointments when appropriate.
* Attending and participating in treatment planning, individual education planning and child and family team meetings.
* Providing assistance in the prosecution of criminal acts (child abuse, child neglect, domestic violence, assault, rape, etc.) when these acts have been founded.
* Ensuring coordination of care and referring to medical or legal services when appropriate. Resources will be given to client.
* Overseeing the provision of needed services to the child(ren) or other victim(s) and monitoring the safety and well-being of the child(ren) and/or victim(s)throughout the time that the case is open.
* Providing an expert witness when assistance from public agencies (i.e. CPS, law enforcement) and social service agencies have been exhausted and or found ineffective by the client.
* Researching, guiding, facilitating and referring through court processes, legal processes, social service process, and other systems as necessary.
Voices Empowered, LLC employs a multi-disciplinary team approach in child abuse, child neglect and/or domestic violence cases. Multi-disciplinary in this context refers to the combination of disciplines such as investigative, medical, legal and mental health, to respond to these cases. Although Voices Empowered, LLC does not legally represent children and families, rights and advocacy are ensured.
With a multi-disciplinary approach, Voices Empowered, LLC promotes the most effective and comprehensive response available in suspected cases of abuse or neglect by minimizing the number of interviews to which a child or other victim is subjected, providing other needed services to a child or other victim and monitoring the victim’s safety and well being.


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