Child Neglect

The most common type of child abuse, neglect, makes up for 78.3% of all cases.* Neglect also results in about 35.5% of all fatalities. Most neglect cases involve children under the age of three. Even with these startling statistics, neglect is the least talked about.
There are different types of neglect:
* Physical neglect – Includes abandonment or inadequate supervision, and failure to provide for safety or physical needs. Includes failure to thrive, malnutrition, unsanitary conditions, or injuries from lack of supervision.
* Educational neglect – Includes not enrolling child in school, or allowing child to engage in chronic truancy.
* Emotional neglect – Includes withholding of affection or attention, failure to provide psychological care, ignoring the child’s emotional needs.
* Medical neglect – Includes delay or denial of dental or health care, or withholding medical care due to religious beliefs. Some states will not prosecute due to withholding of health care due to religious beliefs but court orders are occasionally obtained to save a child’s life.
Signs That May Indicate a Child Has Been Neglected
* Poor hygiene, including lice, scabies, severe or untreated diaper rash, bedsores, body odor
* Squinting
* Unsuitable clothing; missing key articles of clothing (underwear, socks, shoes); overdressed or underdressed for climate conditions
* Untreated injury or illness
* Lack of immunizations
* Indicators of prolonged exposure to elements (excessive sunburn, insect bites, colds)
* Height and weight significantly below age level

*Statistics and Graphs taken derived from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Children’s Bureau. (2010). Child Maltreatment 2009.