Choosing an Investigator

How to Choose an Investigator
A lot of people have watched movies or television shows that shows a savvy PI solving complicated cases in a mere 30 minutes. The truth is, an investigation may involve a lot of time conducting surveillance, engaging in multiple interviews, and reviewing enough documents to gather enough evidence.
Sometimes we can “know” someone committed a crime or did something wrong, but we don’t have the evidence. In this country, you cannot be convicted if there is reasonable doubt. That means, not matter how much we know someone did something, we often can’t do anything about it (i.e. a person won’t get arrested when he committed a crime, a person gets child custody when she abuses a child, etc.). Without good evidence, you can know something all you want, but it may not make any difference in a legal sense.
Investigators are not legal authorities, and at most, they are expert observers, questioners, and don’t give up. When you are looking for answers, choose an investigator who:
– Looks at facts in a neutral, unbiased way – Represents the investigation process instead of a particular party involved.
– Seeks independent confirmation of alleged facts – Doesn’t jump to conclusions.
– Has an active mind that thinks outside the box.
– Seeks multiple possibilities for outcomes. Does not get too attached to his or her own hypothesis, particularly in the face of evidence to the contrary.
– Knows the boundaries of the law.
– Is respectful, professional, courteous and non-judgmental.
– Keeps complete and accurate records.

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