Cyber Safety

Watch your children around computers

Teach kids about cyber safety and cyber bullying. See our resource page for good information.

Know their passwords

Make sure they add you as a friend on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or other social internet websites

Monitor posts on social internet websites

Download or purchase software filters such as Net Nanny, Cyber Patrol or others

Download or purchase keystroke trackers such as Investigator, Key Ghost or Spector Pro

here is a basic way to set up parental controls such as time limits, games, specific programs, and specific websites. Computer programs are all different and you may want to connect to a Microsoft or Apple technician for help.
On your computer, try this:
Click Start
Control Panel
User Accounts
Set Up Parental Controls
To check if your computer was used as a medium for pornography:

> For Windows, click the Start button in the lower left hand corner.
Click Search and then Click Files and Folders

>For Newer Versions, Windows just has a Search box.
When a website is visited, a small text file is inserted into a user’s computer, which allows the website to track a user’s preferences. These are called “cookies” and they can be inspected.
Type the word “cookies” in the search box

>To find images, look for stored files with image formats such as .jpg or .gif.
Type an asterisk to get a list. An example would be *.gif or *.jpg
Click on any image to view.

For more information on Internet Safety, visit these external links:

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