Are you Being Abused?

If you are in an abusive relationship…..Be Safe!

If you are in a violent confrontation, keep these things in mind:
* Leave the scene
* Call 911
* Stay away from rooms with weapons (guns, kitchen knives, etc.)
* Stay in rooms with an exit and/or a phone
* Keep your body position toward the door so the abuser cannot block you from escaping
* Teach children to call 911
* Plan ahead by developing a code word or signal to alert others to call for help
If you are planning to leave:
* Call a shelter
* Get things in order such as identification, keys, money, medications, phone numbers
* Pack a bag if you are able to
* Leave a bag in a safe place such as a friend’s house
* Know your fastest exit
Get an Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment:
* Keep copies with you and a photo of the defendant
* Provide your babysitter or the school with an updated list of people who are able to pick up your child
* Give a copy of the paperwork and the photo to the school/daycare center/babysitter
* Give a copy of the paperwork and the photo to a front receptionist or another appropriate person at your place of employment or school
* If orders are violated, call 911 – Every time
* Call a shelter
* Change your phone number and/or locks
* Install a security system
* Take a self-defense class
* Avoid going to places you frequently go to
Description: Orders of Protection
These are legal documents that may be requested of the Court to protect you if you are threatened, assaulted, endangered, harassed, abused, stalked or otherwise shown the intent to commit such a crime against you or your child (ren).

Description: Injunction Against Harassment
These are legal documents that may be requested of the Court to protect you against someone who has committed a series of acts that would cause a reasonable person to be alarmed, annoyed or harassed. This may also include Workplace Harassment.


You may file these documents at no cost at Family Violence Prevention Centers Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.
If you would like an advocate to go with you, please contact Voices Empowered at 623-986-3987*
Downtown Justice Center
620 W. Jackson St.

Northeast Regional Court Center
18380 N. 40th St.

Northwest Regional Center in Surprise
14264 W. Tierra Buena Lane

San Tan Regional Court Center
201 E. Chicago St., Chandler

Superior Court Downtown Facility
101 W. Jefferson

Superior Court Southeast Facility
222 E. Javelina, Mesa

Voices Empowered provides advocacy services that can assist you with:
Filing/modifying orders and injunctions
Attending court appearances
Provide resources
Provide basic information on court procedures
Provide information on your rights
Assist with safety planning

Advocates are not attorneys and do not give legal advice
*At this time, Voices Empowered is not able to provide court accompaniment free of charge.