I Love Technology!

Remember these rules and have fun while you surf!

Remember: Once you post something, ANYONE can have access to it. Keep this in mind when sending or posting photos and personal information.

Never post photos without approval from a parent or other trusted adult.

Never give your name or other personal information out to someone you don’t know.

Tell someone right away if you are getting harassed or if someone is saying anything to you or sending something to you that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Always check with someone you trust before going anywhere, accepting anything, or connecting with someone online.

Always go with a friend on walks, to the mall, or other places.

Don’t chat with people you do not know.

Leave sites that require you to be over 18.

Don’t give out your password to anyone except for your parent or guardian.

Check with a parent or guardian before downloading or installing software or doing anything that could possibly hurt the computer or jeopardize your family’s privacy.

NEVER meet with someone face-to-face that you have met online.

NEVER drive while talking or texting.

You have the right to say NO!

Don’t keep secrets when you have a funny feeling about them.