Investigative Services

Voices Empowered, LLC conducts investigations of any child and family issue, such as child abuse and neglect, custody issues when there are concerns of domestic violence and/or child maltreatment, intimate partner issues, and childcare issues when there is a concern of child maltreatment. If applicable, cases will be accepted after appropriate legal channels have been contacted, such as law enforcement or Child Protective Services.*

Voices Empowered, LLC will not investigate in lieu of, or interfere with any current investigation conducted by Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, or law enforcement except in cases where expert consulting is warranted, in which the above mentioned agencies will approve. In cases where jurisdiction or other issues delay or drop a case, Voices Empowered, LLC can take the case within boundaries of the law. Voices Empowered, LLC may conduct an investigation to rule out suspected or alleged gaps in investigations by Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services or law enforcement.
Investigation Services include:

* Ensuring proper reporting of child abuse, elder abuse, or domestic violence to Child Protective Services, Adult Protective services or law enforcement as mandated by law.
* Providing prompt gathering and recording of information and evidence pertinent to the case.
* Providing neutral, fact-finding evidence, without regard to the outcome.
* Considering the best interest of children and families involved.
* Crime Scene Analysis
* Digital Forensics (Computer crimes/data discovery, computer surveillance, cell phone records/crimes, etc.)
* People Searches/Skip Trace (Custody, child support, missing persons, etc.)
* Background Checks/Profile Reports (Criminal, sex offender, arrest records, warrants, caregivers, dating, etc.)
* Surveillance

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Voices Empowered, LLC employs a multi-disciplinary team approach in child abuse, child neglect and/or domestic violence cases. Multi-disciplinary in this context refers to the combination of disciplines such as investigative, medical, legal and mental health, to respond to these cases. Voices Empowered, LLC does not conduct forensic interviews with children and collaborates with appropriate professionals when this is needed.
With a multi-disciplinary approach, Voices Empowered, LLC promotes the most effective and comprehensive response available in suspected cases of abuse or neglect by minimizing the number of interviews to which a child or other victim is subjected, providing other needed services to a child or other victim and monitoring the victim’s safety and well-being.

Voices Empowered, LLC is a Private Investigation Agency under the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
License #1610133
*Voices Empowered, LLC does not provide legal representation or legal advice
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Voices Empowered is seeking sponsorships for families. Due to lack of funding, we must charge for our services to keep us in operation.
Please view our current fee schedule.