Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Domestic ViolenceWoman

You may be in an abusive relationship if your partner:

* Calls you names, insults or criticizes you

* Is jealous or possessive

* Isolates you

* Monitors your whereabouts, phone calls, or other electronic communications

* Does not allow you to work or go other places

* Controls what friends or family you can talk with

* Controls your finances or withholds your money

* Withholds affection from you

* Expects you to serve him or her, or makes you ask permission to do things

* Humiliates you

* Damages property

* Causes you, your children, your family or an animal physical harm

* Drives recklessly

* Threatens you, your children, your family, or threatens harming an animal

* Imprisons you in a home or other place

* Prevents you from seeking medical assistance

* Prevents you from seeking law enforcement assistance or legal assistance

* Rapes you, uses unwanted physical force, or causes you to feel uncomfortable in sexual situations

* Has rigid gender role views

* Controls what you wear