Social Implications and Costs of Intimate Partner Violence

Social Implications and Costs of Intimate Partner Violence
In the Workplace


Domestic violence accounts for 25 percent of all incidents of violence in the workplace (approximately 13,000 acts).

Every year, approximately 20,000 U.S. employees are threatened or attacked by an intimate partner while they are in the workplace, and 7,000 employees are murdered.

96% of all battered persons experience problems at work due to abuse and 74% are harassed.

Approximately 20% of threats and 72% of stalking incidents occur at work, potentially putting other employees, and even customers, at risk.

An abused person may have difficulty concentrating at work and are potentially more exhausted.

Harassment causes 20% of victims to lose their jobs.

Individuals who have been abused by intimate partners miss work for health-related reasons and are tardy and leave work early more often than other employees.

Workplace-related costs are $727.8 million annually.

8 million paid workdays are lost and nearly $0.9 billion is lost in lack of productivity.

Domestic violence related healthcare costs include $7.9 million for commercial businesses which raise healthcare plan membership by $70 annually per member.
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