Statistics – Child Maltreatment

According to FBI statistics released in September of 2010, Arizona violent crime was down 13.9%. This is great news, however there were still 354 people murdered and there are still people being raped and violated.

In 2008, out of an Arizona population of 6,500,180 persons, 29,059 were victims of a violent crime, 1,673 were victims of forcible rape, and 17,282 were victims of aggravated assault (JBS, 2010). Furthermore, Between January 1, 2007, and September 30, 2008 task forces reported investigating 1,229 alleged national incidents of human trafficking, 38% which involved allegations of child sex trafficking and 62% incidents involved allegations of adult sex trafficking, such as forced prostitution or other sex trafficking crimes (JBS, 2010). The average age of a child entering prostitution is 13.5. Crimes can have major traumatic impacts on their victims.
The Children’s Bureau in the Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is a federally sponsored effort that collects and analyzes annual data on child abuse and neglect.

The 2009 data compiled in the report, Child Maltreatment 2009* is the most recent collection from 50 states, the District of Columbia and the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. All graphs and statistics on this website are taken from this report unless otherwise noted.

During FFY 2008, an estimated 3.3 million referrals including 6.0 million children were submitted to CPS agencies. Of those referrals, an estimated 702,000 children were survivors of maltreatment during FFY 2008 while an estimated 1,770 children nationally died from abuse or neglect. Children under the age of 4 years made up 33.4% off all cases and 80.8% of all fatalities.

While much media attention is given to physical abuse and sexual abuse, 78.3% of all children were maltreated due to neglect. Of the children who died, 66.7% suffered neglect either exclusively or in combination with another maltreatment type.

In FFY 2009, 716,303 perpetrators were identified. Of all perpetrators of child maltreatment, parents accounted for 80.7%. (74.3% of these are biological parents). Women made up 53.8 % of perpetrators with 37.7% of victims maltreated by mothers acting alone. Men made up 44.4% of perpetrators with 18.6% of victims maltreated by fathers acting alone. Both parents acting together maltreated 18.0% of victims.

Regarding child fatalities, 75.8% were caused by parents: 27.3% by a mother acting alone and 22.5% by both parents acting together.

The most recurrent form of maltreatment is in direct proportion to the percentage of perpetrators. Neglect represents the most frequent form of maltreatment and the greatest number of perpetrators, at 61.6%. Approximately 10% of perpetrators physically abused children, and 6.5% sexually abused children. According to the Arizona Division of Children, Youth, and Families, of sexual abuse perpetrators, friends and neighbors accounted for 58.3% relatives and other 41% and daycare providers and other professionals 36.1% in 2008.Arizona Child Maltreatment Statistics are below.

Approximately 98 parents or caregivers in Arizona are referred each day to Child Protective Services for alleged abuse, according to the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Child Maltreatment 2009 statistics indicate there were a total of 3,803 substantiated cases in Arizona.

Arizona’s most common type of maltreatment is also neglect (72.0%). In FFY 2009, physical abuse accounted for 25.8% of cases, sexual abuse accounted for 9.1%, and psychological maltreatments accounted for 0.6%. Maltreatment can result in death, with violence being one of the leading causes for mortality and morbidity for Arizona’s children. Some maltreatment deaths are caused by negligence (failure to obtain medical care) or substance abuse by a caretaker (prenatal substance exposure resulting in premature birth). Seventy children died in 2000 due to some type of violence – more than from heart disease, asthma, diabetes, blood and metabolic diseases, and cancer combined (Napolitano, 2001). According to the Arizona Child Fatality Review program’s 17th Annual report, in 2009, 64 deaths were identified with maltreatment. Substance use was involved in more than half of the deaths (35).

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, there is:
1 Major Crime every 2 minutes, 2 seconds | 1 Violent Crime every 20 minutes | 1 Murder every 27 hours, 2 minutes
1 Forcible Rape every 5 hours, 21 minutes | 1 Aggravated Assault every 32 minutes, 16 seconds.

*U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families,
Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Children’s Bureau. (2010). Child Maltreatment 2009. Report available, click here to view in PDF.