The Medical, Mental Health & Legal Systems

Social Implications and Costs of Intimate Partner Violence
The Medical, Mental Health & Legal Systems

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports approximately 1/5 of patients are treated for injuries inflicted by an intimate partner.

Victims of abuse have six times more emergency room visits, eight times more physician visits, six times more prescription drug use and higher annual medical costs.

Annual medical costs related to domestic violence incidents are $1.9-$4.8 billion dollars.

The estimated medical and mental health care cost per incident is about $838 per rape, $816 per assault, and $294 per stalking incident.

According to the Attorney General Task Force on Family Violence, battered women are 15 times more likely to be at risk for alcoholism than non-battered women, and 9 times more likely to be at risk for drug abuse.

33% of intimate partner rapes, 26% of assaults, and 43% of stalking incidents result in the victims seeking mental health services.

There is an estimated 18.6 million mental health visits for victims.

One state spends an estimated $49.9 million on processing domestic violence court cases annually (probation, prison, pre-trial jail, orders of protection, etc.).