Transitional Residential Services

The Empower House is a trauma-informed, intentional community-based transitional residential facility, offering unique and progressive opportunities for women.
We serve women over 18 that have experienced trauma and who may be diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety, or who have similar mental health needs. We believe that our program can serve as a model program for mental health. Besides operating under the most rigorous standards, we also have very unique aspects of our program that no one else is doing. Furthermore, not only will we provide trauma-informed residential care, but our program reflects our name, the Empower House. Here we will offer an “intentional community” model that along with residential services and counseling features the following program aspects:

– The Empowered Woman Program –

Here our residents discover their strengths in this truly unique, leadership program.
Nutrition and gardening: We provide a whole food diet that is mostly local and organic. Residents can also participate in growing their own food, thereby learning a skill. We also collaborate with the downtown Phoenix market and women will be able to sell produce and earn income.
Self-sufficiency program: Residents can earn income right away by participating in our gardening program, or our online based income program. Here, they will learn skills in making natural care products, natural cleaning products, and arts and crafts. We will train and help them set up online Etsy accounts so they can be self-sufficient. We are constantly looking for ways that a person can become self-sufficient, even if she does not have a “job.”
Yoga/Meditation: We provide a meditation space and both Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra classes that support wellness and healing.
Multicultural Programs: We are very focused on different cultures. Our food program also includes creating recipes from around the world. We also incorporate traditions from all walks of life.
Green-living program: We promote nurturing of our earth. Our residents will learn to re-use, recycle and care for our earth. This enhances the nurturing qualities that women manifest.
The “standards” (but enhanced!): Counseling, assistance in the self-administration of medications, residential services, job and education case management, and transportation services are included. However, we believe our intentional community model creates collaboration and connections, which our residents will need throughout their stay with us and after discharge.

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